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Evora’s Creature: “An Extraterrestrial Organism In Portugal”

The event that shook the city of Evora, Portugal, November 2, 1959. Evora’s creature was an extraterrestrial organism captured and analyzed 61 years ago in Portugal.

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It all starts after the appearance of a UFO in the city. The director of the School of Industry and Commerce, Joaquim Guedes do Amaral, was at his daily work when his colleagues warned of a strange object flying over Evora.

Amaral set up a telescope to take a closer look at the object.

Half an hour later, another UFO appeared, which could be described as something similar to a jellyfish.

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This object swayed and moved across the sky at great speed, sometimes stopping and moving on. It eventually stopped, remaining steady in the air for about half an hour, before setting off further at high speed.

As soon as this happened, rare white gelatinous threads began to fall out throughout the territory. It almost completely cover everything with a thick white layer.

People were evacuated. The military and scientists from the University of Lisbon took samples of the strange organism. Despite the fact that its structure was fragile and difficult to assemble.

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Analyzes have led to the conclusion that this is a single-celled organism, possibly a microbe with unknown characteristics. Where did it come from?

Evora’s strange creature

Within 4 hours, some strange white “web” fell. An acquaintance of Professor Joaquim Conceisao e Silva underwent aviation training at the base in Sintra. He also witnessed the events observed at the university.

All these phenomena were confirmed by the military, Conceisao and Silva. Years later, he became Chief of Staff of the Portuguese Air Force.

Professor Joaquin contacted his friend Eugenio, father of Conceicao, who was a member of the French Astronomical Society. They both ran tests on a strange substance that appeared to be a creature.

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When the plates were placed for analysis, it turned out that the substance was showing resistance. Which is not typical for any known microorganism on Earth. From this study, a report was compiled that described the following:

“The microorganism Evora was about 4 mm in size, consisting of tentacles. Actively exhibits protective reactions to laboratory plates. Subsequent studies have shown that its tentacles can withstand pressures of up to 350 grams.

At the beginning of the observation, it had different colors. The central body was yellow, intensely red tentacles, at the same time the colors changed, giving a brownish yellow color. Which was getting darker and darker.

Part of the documentation on Evora’s existence. Basic information was lost in a mysterious fire. photo:

The tentacles was formed by parallel filaments connected by a gelatinous substance. Each thread was transparent. Inside, one could see little bodies that grew larger over time.

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The threads was projected forcefully onto the glass plate to create a perfectly contoured line of contact. There was a mouth-shaped opening in the center of the central body, around very delicate designs. There may be folds or cracks in the substance of which it is composed.

These observations were carried out for 2 years, until the tentacles and the central body finally disintegrated.”

Origin hypothesis

A hypothesis put forward by several scientists and researchers was that Evora’s creature was “a strange creature completely unknown to terrestrial biology. This can be considered the first discovered evidence of extraterrestrial life. ”

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The researchers who carefully examined this case by formulating this hypothesis were: Francisco Mouran Correa, coordinator of exopolitics of Portugal, Javier Sierra, several biologists and researchers of UFO phenomena.

Professors of the Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon interrupted the studies of Professor Joaquim Amaral at the faculty, forced not to provide any information to the press.

In 1978, a fire broke out at the Faculty of Natural Sciences in Lisbon, destroying evidence that the creature from Evora did exist. Mysteriously, the firefighters were unable to bring down the flames that had flared up close to the microorganism.

To date, it is not known what happened to the investigation, what or who caused the fire. And whether they were entrusted to another department. Everything seems to indicate that this is an attempt to silence an extraterrestrial phenomenon.

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