Alien genetic code

Evidence of the participation of aliens in the emergence of man must be sought in his DNA

Alien genetic codePeople for hundreds, and maybe thousands of years, live with the idea that they are not alone in the vastness of the Universe.

People pay attention to the Earth and find traces on it, indicating that sometime in the distant past, representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations have already visited the Earth.

People have created sensitive radio telescopes and spaceships, in the hope that they can shed light on the mystery of the origin of all life on our planet.

Scientists from Kazakhstan made the bold assumption that the secret of alien participation in the emergence of man is much closer to us than one might think.

They believe that the key to many of the fundamental secrets of the universe is encoded in human DNA. It is believed that humans are nothing more than the product of experiments that were carried out hundreds of millions of years ago by aliens.

It is worth noting that this position was supported by Francis Crick himself, who discovered the DNA sequence.

According to Francis Crick, human DNA was far too complex to have evolved over the history of planet earth, which led to theories of extraterrestrial interference with human DNA.

It is even more interesting why the researchers, in general, had such assumptions. It turns out that they studied DNA for the presence of mathematical sequences.

It was found that DNA can be represented as an ensemble of arithmetic and ideographic patterns that make up some kind of symbolic language.

They were even more surprised when the possibilities of performing logical transformations, their accuracy and consistency were revealed. Also extremely curious is the fact that DNA contains a frequently repeated pattern “37”.

Scientists tend not to take this as an accident. For example, in the decimal system, this number corresponds to the normal human temperature – 37 degrees Celsius. It is believed that this is some kind of secret sign that requires more attention.

Research in this area has been going on for about 8 years. During this time, many interesting facts have been obtained, but the most impressive discoveries are yet to come.

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