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Universe signs

Everyday Oracles: How Signs From Universe Are Helping Us?

Universe signsThe universe and our higher selves often speak to us throughout the day, but sometimes we are just too busy to notice. With so much going on in our daily lives we don’t always have time to devote to long periods of meditation or connection with the spiritual realm.

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Our guides understand this so they will often try to send messages to us in other ways. One of the ways they communicate is through “everyday oracles.”


An oracle itself is a divine message or communication. Sometimes it is delivered through a psychic reading or a dream. It can also be sought through divination by using a pendulum, Ouija Board, or even those Magic 8 balls you see in the toy store.

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An “everyday” oracle is much simpler and is an answer that can come to you through a passage in a book or a song on the radio. They are signs and signals that seem to pop up at just the right time to help you out. They don’t usually appear as big overwhelming revelations and bolts of lightning, but more like little clues and “a-ha” moments.

Consider this example. You are thinking about going back to school to take some college classes, but are not exactly sure where to begin or even if it’s the right thing to do. Later during the day you are on the internet and you see a banner ad for an open house at a university near you. That is your “everyday oracle” speaking to you. These little synchronicities often show up, but we need to be mindful of them.


Understanding that everyday oracles are all around us, now it’s time to work with them on a more conscious level. After all if the universe wants to speak to us we should try to keep the lines of communication open. The first step is to be alert to receive any messages that come across.

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The easiest way to do this is to set your intention at the beginning of each day. Just say to yourself something like, “I am open to receive messages from Spirit today.” Use a statement that works for you. Basically you are saying that you are tuned in with eyes and ears open.

Next, think about what answers you seek. Do you have a particular problem or issue to work on? Maybe you don’t have anything specific in mind and you just want to connect with the Divine. That’s ok too. Whatever it is, have faith and know that guidance is around and will come to you.

At this point you can go about your daily routine and notice if you receive any little signs or signals. They can come from anywhere. It could be a commercial you hear, something you see while driving or walking or even a phone call. It could be almost anything that has meaning for you.

You can also work with everyday oracles on a more active level. Using divination tools like pendulums and Ouija Boards is one method, but everyday items work well too. Books are great to use as everyday oracle tools. Those with an uplifting or spiritual message often work best.

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Some people like to use the Bible. All you need to do is think about your question and then open to a random page and section. The passage chosen should contain a clue or message.

If you don’t have a question, just mentally ask, “What do I need to know most at this time?” or “What does Spirit or the universe want me to know right now?” Then open the book and find your message.

Another option to consider is music. If you have a shuffle option on an iPod or CD player try picking a random song for an oracle message. Have fun with it!

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Whether you actively work with everyday items as oracle tools or just notice the world around you, the important thing to remember is that guidance is always available. Be open to receive everyday and you will!

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