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ET base

ET Base Found On Mars With Pyramid and Tunnel?

ET baseScott Waring, a popular Taiwanese ufologist, recently reviewed images of the Red Planet taken 17 years ago by the NASA Mars Odyssey orbiter and suddenly discovered something that intrigued him.

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On aerial photography, carried out by a probe on June 2, 2002, a specialist noticed a flat Martian landscape, in the midst of which stands a strange object, similar to a man-made structure and strikingly stand out against the background of the desert.

Scott highlights square and triangular elements of the proposed structure, connected by a kind of “tunnel”. According to the author of the find, this is a large base built on a distant celestial body by representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization.

ET base

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According to ufologist, the US National Space Agency is trying to remove such objects from its images, but sometimes, as in this case, NASA censors miss these anomalies, and the raw images of Mars do get into the Web.

Scott Waring writes:

“Want to know what the ancient bases look like on Mars? This photo, which I found on the official NASA website, should at least partially satisfy your curiosity. The picture shows a rectangular and pyramidal structures, between which we can see a tunnel. Apparently, the Martians could not move freely on the surface of their planet due to cosmic radiation, so they were forced to build such buildings here.

I’m sure there are a huge number of them on Mars, but NASA is unlikely to show us at least a hundredth of them, because otherwise we will need to revise our entire understanding of space, aliens, and ultimately, of Earth.”

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Of course, these are only guesses, but who knows, maybe there is truth in them?

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