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Epidemiologist: coronavirus can infect 70% of the world by 2021

coronavirusMarc Lipsitch a professor of epidemiology, is confident that at least half the world can be infected with the coronavirus this year. He came to this conclusion by looking at the official infection rate data.

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Since mid-January, China has begun active measures to contain the virus. Quarantine has been declared, which continues to this day. In addition, the streets are treated with special chemicals.

Now about 100 million people are isolated, many from Wuhan. People take to the streets only a few times a week at special passes.

The virus has already been detected in 24 countries. The situation in the world continues to escalate. Everyone understands that quarantine is ineffective.

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An epidemiologist expects 40-70% of the world to become infected if the medicine is never invented.

It is important to note that not everyone will have a fever. In some patients, the disease went away like normal flu in a mild form. There were cases when there were no symptoms at all.

Many people try to be treated at home, which is not entirely correct in the case of coronavirus. New viruses require a mandatory examination and observation by a doctor.

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Note that not one Lipsich is confident in the continued distribution of COVID-19. Colleagues from different countries share his point of view.

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