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Entire Solar System is changing rapidly, but nobody is talking about it

A Reddit user posted a popular post with indications that something strange, frightening and incomprehensible is happening in our solar system, which for some reason is ignored by society. All information refers to scientific sources.

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All the major bodies of our Solar System are changing rapidly, but nobody is talking about it. We are seeing rapid observable changes to almost every single planet:

1. Pluto’s atmosphere has recently collapsed.

2. Neptune’s storms have suddenly begun rotating backward.

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3. Uranus’ polar regions are visibly flaring.

4. Jupiter has recently experienced a 700 degree temperature impulse originating from its northern pole, and its great red spot is fading.

5. Mars is suddenly displaying seismic activity.

6. Our own polar regions have warmed drastically recently, the amount of volcanic activity we are seeing is at an all-time high.

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7. Venus’s planetary winds have increased their velocity by 33% in the last 20 years.

It goes on from there, we’ve recently observed:

1. Large-scale changes in the ice cover on Jupiter’s moon Europa;

2. large-scale changes in the polar ice cap on Mars;

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3. a large-scale decrease in atmospheric pressure on Venus;

4. a mysterious brightening of the atmosphere of Saturn;

5. a mysterious darkening of the atmosphere of Venus;

6. unusual changes in the temperature and pressure of the atmosphere of Neptune;

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7. a brightening of the atmosphere of Jupiter;

8. a mysterious dark spot near the South Pole of Venus.

Here on earth, our own magnetosphere is rapidly losing it’s strength as our magnetic poles continue to race away from their usual positions, wreaking havoc on animal migrations – see all the beached whales this year as well as the spike in reports of unusual bird sightings.

Things have gotten to the point where we are now updating our magnetic models yearly, and soon there will be zones of flux broken bad enough to cause real danger to flying due to constant magnetic reconnection.

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Our aurorae are reaching levels of intensity not normally seen, with recent high-energy’pink’ aurorae being observed.

The fundamental electromagnetic nature of this planet – electromagnetism responsible for a variety of effects on life, most especially cardiac and pulmonary health in humans humans, is changing rapidly.

Volcanic activity on our planet is currently at a record, with more and more volcanoes showing concerning lift, erupting, or showing increases in lava flow. Every single active volcano along the pacific rim is showing increased activity. Mount Rainier looks ready soon. The Sisters in Oregon are showing lift – and then there’s volcano mama herself, Yellowstone, showing signs of increasing rumbling.

Given only one of two data points, it woulud be easy to discount the events as isolated and unrelated outliers with no significance.

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Taken together, however, the total body of evidence becomes impossible to ignore, and, once the presumption is made that this information is known by our leaders, pretty much explains the motivations for their actions.

Everything is changing. Nobody is telling you. In fact, they built us a world where these questions are taboo, where every answer leads you away from the glaring, obvious truth.

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” William Casey, former director of the CIA, upon being asked what the goal of the agency was (in 1981).

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