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Enormous mysterious green fireball explodes over Europe

An interesting event unfolded in the night skies over Europe as a massive fireball exploded. On May 18th, residents of Spain and Portugal were treated to a rare celestial display when a bright cosmic object entered Earth’s atmosphere at around midnight.

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This phenomenon, which scientists believe to be a fragment of an unknown comet, blazed through the sky at an astonishing speed of approximately 160,000 km/h.

The European Space Agency (ESA) reported that the fireball’s explosion, which occurred about 55 km above the Earth’s surface, produced a stunning blue-green light.

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Thousands of people witnessed the event, and by the next day, social media was flooded with videos capturing the incident.

Such fireballs typically occur when asteroid fragments enter the Earth’s atmosphere, heating up and exploding due to friction. However, the object’s unusual trajectory suggested it was a comet fragment, composed of ice and rock from the early solar system.

These fragments often break off as comets approach the sun, leaving a trail of debris that Earth occasionally intersects, resulting in meteor showers.

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Fireball’s exact origins are still under investigation. The ESA aims to identify the parent comet responsible for this spectacular event.

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