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Energy Vampires

Energy Vampires – Are People In Your Life Draining Your Energy?

Energy VampiresHave you ever sat down with a friend, a co-worker, possibly a family member, anyone really, and found yourself growing inexplicably tired and lifeless? Literally, there is no particular topic in the conversation you are having that could cause this type of reaction as far as you can see, yet the feeling does not dissipate even after you recognize it.

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Your energy is being drained to the point of illness and it has come on with such a suddenness that you are left almost in a daze! This is a typical reaction to having formed a connection with an energy vampire.

Energy Vampires Drink Energy Not Blood?

Well, some certainly can, but that is not exactly what the phrase “energy vampire” entails. As the vampires of lore did, an energy vampire will drain you, but not typically of blood. It is your “pranic energy,” your life-force from which they wish to drain so to speak.

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“Pranic energy” is a term referring to “prana,” which comes from the Sanskrit word for “vital life.” That is the aim of a vampire: to take your “vital life” from you and add it to their collection in order to make themselves stronger, healthier, and more stable.

How Do I Spot An Energy Vampire?

This is where the issues arise: there is not much of a foolproof method for being able to immediately spot an energy vampire. Clairvoyants and other people who have extrasensory perception abilities do not have much of a problem picking them out.

In fact, many clairvoyants can actually see tendrils extending from the vampire to the person he or she is draining. Clairsentients can sense this phenomenon and most psychics can pick up on the energy drainage regardless of whether they are clairvoyant or not.

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As for your average person, the signs that you are being influenced by an energy vampire are rapid depletion of energy and overwhelming exhaustion to the point of physical illness. If a certain someone’s presence frequently causes these symptoms in you, it is very likely that this is what is going on, especially if you get the sensation of something being drawn out from your body.

Some people are energy vampires and do not even realize it; not all are consciously trying to weaken you. Those who drain the energy of others are sometimes woefully ignorant of their effect on others, although if they really ponder over it and observe how people behave after they have spent time with them, they are able to see it for what it is.

If you find yourself prone to rapid mood swings, experiencing wild oscillations in energy, or ever getting the sensation that you are drawing energy from another person, there is a chance you may be an energy vampire, but unaware of it. If you require confirmation of these suspicions, seeing a psychic can definitely help.

What Can I Do?

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If you have recognized yourself as falling prey to energy drainers time and time again, you have got to work on strengthening your will. Energy vampirism relies on the idea that some people are “givers” and some are “takers.” Some “takers” are not even fully aware that this is an underlying theme in their lives until they actually sit down and contemplate the concept.

Take the time to really consider your own position in this world. Do you find yourself giving to others with an open heart whenever possible or are you someone whose main focus is yourself and taking from others what will help only you?

If you are a “giver,” make up your mind that you are not just going to give indiscriminately. You do not have to give up a bit of yourself to every person you meet. You can concentrate your efforts into giving in a healthy manner, i.e. volunteering at a soup kitchen, cleaning up trash off the highway, reading to the elderly, etc.

If you are a “taker,” make a conscientious effort to give a bit more. Learn to recognize when you are drawing energy from another person and be aware enough to stop it.

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Find other sources of energy like eating healthily and working on your own spiritual fulfillment through meditation and connecting with your spirit guides. You do not have to remain a prisoner to selfish desires! The first step to fixing this problem is seeing it for what it is and intervening when you notice it happening.

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