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EMF sensitivity

EMF Sensitivity: Why Spiritually Awakened People Are More Susceptible

EMF sensitivityFor most of us, technology has made life more bearable. For others, it’s come at the price of their health and comfort. EMF sensitivity is a condition in which computers, cell phones, cell phone towers, Wi-Fi, microwaves, power lines, electric wiring and devices cause a range of illnesses and conditions.

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Some people experience mild symptoms such as headaches, joint pain and difficulty focusing on tasks; other people have more serious symptoms from life-threatening illnesses exacerbated. If you think you suffer from EMF sensitivity, there are measures you can take to try and protect yourself.


If you’re not sure if you’re EMF sensitive, you can try to find out by getting away for a little while. A rustic camping trip into the wilderness or to a location in which there is no electricity is a good way to determine if you’ve been irritated with EMF symptoms. Have you ever considered moving out to the country or homesteading? If you are a moderate to severe sufferer of EMF sensitivity, this may be another good reason to pursue that dream.

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If moving out to become one with nature is not a possibility, a vacation cabin in the mountains or weekend camping trips can a great way to give yourself a rest.


Chucking it all is just not feasible or desirable for many of us. Let’s face it— most need to earn a living, and not everyone’s skills and interests are something that can be pursued in remote areas. People have kids, and want them to go to school and socialize. We want to be amongst our family and friends, movie theaters, coffee shops and malls.

You don’t have to give everything up and walk into the wild if you believe you’re EMF sensitive. You can be careful about selecting your location when you’re living in the suburbs or cities.
Consider living in a motor home. The motor home act as a giant Faraday cage (an enclosed box made of a conductive material that blocks electric fields), and as an added bonus it makes it easier to roll away into the country whenever you feel the need.

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Other great option is to outfit your house with siding, vinyl siding, stone, brick, cement or adobe. It’s even better if you have good insulation. Another step would be to insulate your home with foil-backed insulation to create the Faraday cage effect. One final consideration is using tile– on the floor, walls, even the ceiling. Ceramic, porcelain, cement, clay or stone tiles are excellent choices for protecting you from external electromagnetic activity.


Eliminating problems within your home can also be a challenge, but small steps can help you work towards a ‘cleaner’ environment. One simple thing you can try in order to get some instant relief is to shut off your circuits. Perhaps for a couple of hours in the day, when the sun comes in through the windows to light and warm the home and you’re busy with quieter activities like folding socks or reading books. You might flip the switch at night (all but your refrigerator circuit) so you can get a good EMF-free rest, then switch it on in the morning. Use propane or oil lanterns instead, or keep good flashlights handy.

If your sensitivity isn’t that bad, then you can simply keep electronics like televisions, VCR’s and phone charges out of your bedroom so your body gets some relief from the symptoms and you can get a good night’s sleep.

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Avoid Wi-Fi in the home—use good, old-fashioned wires. Use a land line instead of a cell phone when you’re in the house. When you do use cell phones, use them on ‘intercom’ and have a walkie-talkie style conversation; avoid keeping the phones up to your ear or attached to your ear.

It may take some thought, but with each little thing you do to eliminate the problem, the better you’ll feel.

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