Emery Smith: I’ve worked with alien spaceships that would change the world as we know it

Emery Smith, former Air Force field medic, also known as the “Black Project whistleblower”, alleges he worked in a deep underground biological facility located in the USA.

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Emery has provided detailed accounts of autopsying over 3,000 alien specimens, and over 1200 nearly complete bodies. As a result, we are gaining new intel about the massive number of alien species we share our universe with.

Smith claims work is taking place on extraterrestrial technology harvested from alien beings and their crashed or captured spaceships which would change the world as we know it.

Emery Smith

In 1990, after going through junior military programs in high school, Emery became active duty in the USAF, stationed at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas. He went on to Kirtland AFB in New Mexico, where he worked on and off-base at UNM Hospital as a surgical assist and paramedic.

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In a YouTube video, he makes a number of incredible revelations including that ET flying saucers are mostly “organic and linked to the driver”, they can be “infused with life and intelligence” and “change shape”.

It has been reported that Smith said he was based at an ultra-secret section of the huge Kirkland Air Force Base in New Mexico, USA.

“I’ve witnessed many different craft in these projects, I was actually working with the craft and bodies because they’re connected,” Smith claims.

“A lot of the craft are organic material which means only the driver of that race can operate the vehicle due to their frequency of the genetic DNA and the frequency that they are emitting. It’s kind of like having a pet or a car that only responds to the owner.

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“These types of vehicles are so amazing, they are usually made in space through harmonics and frequency. So they can actually give life to a craft and enthuse it with artificial intelligence or consciousness, or both. And match it to the driver or occupant, of this vehicle.”

He goes on to claim to having worked on number different types of downed flying saucers, which he claims are constantly “emitting an amazing energy from space” some 30 years after being captured.

“Of course there’s always the classic spheres, egg shapes and disc shapes,” he added.

“There’s also other craft that are inter-dimensional that can change shape. So they might come in the form of light and they can manifest and change their atomic structure to become a solid so these types of craft are a little bit more advanced than the craft than we hear about on pop culture and on tv.”

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Smith claims that this technology which is “thousands of years ahead” is being “suppressed” from public knowledge. And big companies are “fighting” to get their hands on the science.

The interview with Emery Smith:

He claimed: “These craft can actually go inter-dimensional, they can change shape with all of the occupants not knowing its happening and then reform again in different worlds and different dimensions, and different parts of the universe immediately.

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“They have their own atmosphere, their own gravity, they have their own little space that they have projected from this craft which keeps them completely encapsulated in it.

“They have already mastered teleportation so the body can shrink within in its own living space. And that’s why they can go a million miles per hour and make a right hand turn, because they don’t feel it.

“Because they’re in their own dimensional holographic world, where they have to fall under those scientific algorithms.”

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His reason for going public is that Smith claims the ET technology could completely change human life by offering free energy and groundbreaking medical cures.

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Jake Carter

Jake Carter is a researcher and a prolific writer who has been fascinated by science and the unexplained since childhood.

He is not afraid to challenge the official narratives and expose the cover-ups and lies that keep us in the dark. He is always eager to share his findings and insights with the readers of anomalien.com, a website he created in 2013.


  1. I suppose the aliens got Stockholm syndrome and felt sorry we abused them. I see that as a long term plan to lower our guard. Satan plays the long game. Everything is at stake.

  2. If these alien spaceships are so so advanced as the writer is saying, how come we are able to capture them ? This point is not explained. Ships with such high capabilities will have tech beyond our imagination.

    • Dear Sanjay,

      When these ships come into our space time ‘ they’ become vulnerable to attack by certain weapon systems that DEEP STATE & the HIGH CABAL, Globalists, and others at this low level of energy intention can capture them. The same globalists that are wanting to inject you with
      multiple jabs to detach your spirit from your humanity.
      To enslave you as a chipped prisoner.

      Thankforly the alliance is finally getting on top of them & destroying them. For real. Gary Powell. Victoria.

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