Elon Musk said that the person with the brain chip has fully recovered

Famous tech billionaire Elon Musk announced the full recovery of the first person who was implanted with a Neuralink brain chip.

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The first human patient implanted with a brain-chip from Neuralink appears to have fully recovered and is able to control a computer mouse using their thoughts, the startup’s founder Elon Musk said late on Monday.

The firm successfully implanted a chip on its first human patient last month, after receiving approval for human trial recruitment in September.

The study uses a robot to surgically place a brain-computer interface implant in a region of the brain that controls the intention to move, Neuralink has said, adding that the initial goal is to enable people to control a computer cursor or keyboard using their thoughts.

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However, not everyone takes this news positively. Speaking to the Daily Star, research outreach director Ryan Merkley expressed concerns about the possible risks associated with the use of such invasive devices.

He emphasized that the lack of safety information and potential negative consequences of using Neuralink could be a serious problem.

“When tech billionaires, with the help of their venture capitalist friends, develop invasive medical devices behind closed doors, without openly disseminating safety information from preclinical or even clinical studies, we should be concerned.”

Merkley also expressed concern that excessive focus on developing highly invasive medical devices such as Neuralink could distract from safer, noninvasive alternatives.

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He stressed that due consideration must be given to the ethical aspects and potential risks associated with such technologies.

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