Elon Musk is sure that consciousness can be transferred to a digital medium

Mankind throughout almost its entire history thought about the concept of eternal life. Great minds have approached this issue in different ways.

Someone thought about the eternal body, someone about reincarnation, and someone imagined eternal life in the form of a transfer of consciousness to another “drive”.

With the passage of time and technological progress, the thoughts of science fiction writers seem less and less like fantasies. 21st-century genius Elon Musk thinks the same way.

Elon Musk

Elon responded positively to the journalist’s question about the possibility of transferring consciousness to another medium. In his opinion, this is quite possible from a theoretical point of view.

Moreover, part of the scientific base for such experiments has already been prepared. In particular, scientists are able to better understand brain signals and even digitize them.

Elon is of the opinion of many scientists that only two things are required to implement the plan: an artificial brain and a device that can scan the human mind.

If the first does not cause difficulties, then the “scanner” for this has not yet been invented. According to Musk, the creation of a device capable of digitizing a person’s personality will not be invented for several decades. In particular, this is due to a lack of understanding of how the brain works.

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