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Earth’s magnetic field reversal will dramatically change the life of mankind

Scientists have found that if an unexpected reversal of the Earth’s magnetic field happened, as has happened more than once in the ancient past, it would cause a complete collapse of the world economy.

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The magnetic field plays a very important role. It protects all life on the planet from solar radiation, and also keeps the south and north in those places where they should be.

Recently, experts have begun to actively prepare for the fact that an unexpected change in magnetic poles may occur at any time. This phenomenon is considered quite normal and occurs approximately every 200-300 thousand years.

41 thousand years ago, the poles had already begun to change places, but this process turned out to be temporary and was not complete. The last change in the magnetic field took place 780 thousand years ago, which means that next time the process can begin at any moment.

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Agatha Liz-Pronovost warned that the next coup could have disastrous consequences for all of humanity.

With a weak electromagnetic field, radiation from space could possibly make some regions of Earth uninhabitable and cause entire species to go extinct. But first, according to enowned science journalist Alanna Mitchell, we would have problems with sensitive orbiting satellites, which control electric grids and could cause “a domino run of blackouts that could last for decades.” As a result, there will be no benefit from navigation apps and satellites.

Mitchell warns that a reversal could destroy anything electronic, including home appliances, satellites, wireless devices and the electric grids that make all these items work.

In an essay on, Mitchell wrote, “We have blithely built our civilization’s critical infrastructure during a time when the planet’s magnetic field was relatively strong, not accounting for the field’s bent for anarchy.”

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And this is only a small part of the consequences that will greatly change the life of mankind.

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