Earth’s magnetic field pulsed for two hours every two minutes

Early in the morning, at 06:30, anomalous magnetic field behavior was recorded over Norway – pulsations that occurred for two hours every 2.14 minutes.

The phenomenon occurs a maximum of several times a year. The pulsations were recorded by various magnetometers, for example, from Abisko and Kiruna. They are located in the same area of the auroral oval.

The equipment of scientist Rob Stummes, which is located high above the Arctic Circle in the Lofoten Islands, records any changes in earth currents, auroras, radio bursts and disturbances in the planet’s magnetic field.

On the 18th, a section of the magnetosphere began to vibrate strangely back and forth, the same was done by electric currents in the bowels of the Earth. The intensity of the vibrations resembled a pure sinusoid, like a low-frequency musical note.

“It looks like the Earth is sending a signal into space, but why and to whom?”, wrote one commentator.

The oddities were recorded for two hours. You can imagine someone blowing on a piece of paper and it starts to wobble.

Similarly, the solar wind affects the magnetosphere, but whether it was responsible for this phenomenon, no one knows for sure.

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