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Earthbound Spirit Possession and Depossession

Unlike demonic possession when a person is believed to be possessed by demons, possessing earthbound spirits can be helped by angels, spirits who have passed into the Light and, in some religions, gods and the Holy Spirit.

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It’s said that Earthbounds can have a negative effect on the possessed and can be released by depossession. They must be treated gently, like one would treat a scared child.

Benign Spirit Possession

Some practitioners of Christian charismatic sects enter into an altered state of consciousness, speak in strange languages, glossolalia, and believe they are possessed by the Holy Spirit.

Spirit possession by various deities is a part in religious ceremonies in Vooduon and some other religions. It’s voluntarily sought and is only given to a worthy person. The possessed enter into an altered state of consciousness and dance. When possessed, people perform acts they are unable to perform in an ordinary state of consciousness.

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Trance mediums allow their spirit control to possess them. Eileen Garrett was one of the most talented trance medium; Uvani was her primary control.

Pioneers in Spirit Possession and Depossession

There are several individuals who are regarded as pioneers in the field of depossession and spirit possession.

Psychiatrist Carl Wickland believed that spirits played a role in some psychiatric disorders. He theorized that discarnates did not know they were dead and were confused.

To facilitate the process of convincing entities that they were dead, they were allowed to posses his wife, Anna. He invented a machine that provided a low-voltage electric shock that caused discomfort to the spirits who, then, departed.

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Dr. Titus Bull, who practiced psychiatry, neurology and general medicine, began to believe possessing spirits were not evil, but confused. While the spirit didn’t cause psychiatric disorders, it was a complicating factor.

Anglican John D. Pearce-Higgins, former canon residentiary and vice-provost of London’s Southwark Cathedral, believed that the possessing spirit was not a devil, demon or evil spirit, but was an earthbound who was possibility confused.

Pearce-Higgins approach to depossession and releasement was kind, yet firm. He soothed the discarnate, treating like a frightened, confused child.

Psychiatrist Ralph Allison, the pioneer in multiple personality disorder, now termed dissociate personality disorder, treated patients with the syndrome, some of whom were possessed by a spirit.

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Edith Fiore Ph.D., during her practice as a clinical psychologist, had clients who were possessed by spirits and performed depossessions.

Criteria for Spirit Possession

The criteria, in addition to emotional symptoms, include an array of other symptoms, including mental symptoms, spiritual and/or feelings of being blocked, sensing an unexplainable alien presence, low energy level, memory difficulties, poor concentration, impulsive behavior and mood swings.

The “symptoms” of spirit possession are also said to include sudden onset of substance abuse, desire to smoke cigarettes, overeat, or engage in some other detrimental behavior, addiction to sex, personality changes, especially while under the influence.

The individual may experience inexplicable difficulties with a partner, family members, and/or friends; he may feel drained, anxiety, sadness, depression, suicidal feelings, guilt and/or anger, reckless behavior, poor memory and/or concentration, migraine headaches.

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Physical problems with no apparent cause, weight gain, recurring nightmares and/ or night terrors, anger, panic and/or anxiety attacks, hearing voices with negative messages, unusual and/or inappropriate speech including an accent and foreign or unknown language and/or having multiple personalities.

How to Perform Depossession

According to the many practitioners, after the induction of a hypnotic state, the therapist will determine whether or not a person is possessed by a spirit. S/he will gently urge the spirit to leave the person’s body and progress on to the Light.

The therapist will tell the spirit that his or her body is dead and s/he possessed, name of person, harming both of them.

The solution, in most cases, is to make the possessing spirit aware of what has happened: S/he is dead and should journey on to the Light. Predeceased loved one and angels can be asked to help.

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Once all needs have been met, resistance bypassed and conflicts resolved, the possessing spirits are usually willing to go to the Light.


Does Depossession Work?

Although spirit releasement therapy is scorned by many mainstream scientists, it appears to offer benefits to most of those who have undergone treatment. There’s a debate that this has a placebo effect.

Those willing to explore unconventional approaches may find it helps them where conventional therapies have failed. This, like all therapies must be done by a qualified practitioner.

Case of depossession

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Eileen Garrett was one of the most talented trance mediums. Uvani, her primary control, Abdul Latif, her secondary one, and other entities spoke through her. Hereward Carrington, a highly respected parapsychologist, examined her, trying to discover if the beings were secondary personalities.

Garrett and the entities were given a number of psychological tests. From the results, Carrington believed they were independent personalities, with no strong emotional or other connections with Garrett or any portion of her subconscious. Other researchers disputed this.

Carrington said they couldn’t explain how the entities, known to have existed as humans, could convey verifiable information beyond Garrett’s knowledge and experiences.

In 1951, Garrett and the Hon. Frances P. Bolton founded the Parapsychology Foundation, PF, to encourage and support impartial scientific inquiry into the psychical part of human nature. This is one of the most prestigious parapsychological organizations in the world.

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Martin Ebon, a highly regarded parapsychologist, was administrative secretary for the PF when Francis Basso had an unusual request for Garrett. Could she “exorcise” a witch’s spirit who possessed a woman? Ebon had an active part in the proceedings. To protect confidentiality, he used pseudonyms.

The events happened prior to the time when “exorcism” was the general term used for treating demonic and spirit possession, although the latter had been researched and written about much earlier in the 20th century.

Releasement Begins

Victoria and Walter Camden were an affluent Manhattan couple, lived in an old townhouse and owned a Pennsylvania farm. Victoria had had paranormal experiences and suffered from anxiety and the stress.

Garrett, Ebon, Basso and the couple met at a restaurant. They had a pleasant dinner with enjoyable mundane conversation. When they arrived at the townhouse, Victoria’s mood suddenly changed into that of a scared child. She trembled and whispered that Ruth, the witch’s ghost, was there.

Experiences: Earthbound Spirits

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Paranormal phenomena started when Victoria began to do automatic writings. She wasn’t familiar with psychic abilities and unaware of what was happening. Most of the writings came from different entities who claimed to have lived in different places at different times. Many of begged for prayers.

Most of the writings were done in Pennsylvania. Other paranormal events accompanied them. Ghosts were sighted; strange noises heard. Victoria said she had been sick from the day they moved into their Manhattan home.

Depossessing Victoria

Garrett walked through the home, getting a feel for the rooms, a psychic talent, psychometry, reading places and/or objects and/or a bodily sensation. When she was finished, Garrett went into a trance.

It was Abdul’s voice that spoke, asking Victoria what she wanted. Her body convulsed as she said, in Ruth’s voice, “peace.” Abdul told her to come to him. Ruth/Victoria stumbled across the room , then knelt before Abdul/Garrett. He told Ruth, gently, treating her like a frightened child, that she must go and let Victoria be in peace.

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Garrett came out of her trance and asked what had happened. The atmosphere had changed to one of peace. They told her and she said a drink would be in order. Refreshments were provided, which they enjoyed in Walter’s study while they talked about the events.

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