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Earth under a microscope held by aliens

Recently talks about the fact that we can be observed from space began at a high level. Pentagon director of UFO observation Sean Kirkpatrick and Professor Avi Loeb, former chairman of the Harvard Department of Astronomy, co-authored a six-page article, “The Physical Limitations of UFOs.”

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In the work, Kirkpatrick and Loeb analyzed the physical parameters of unidentified phenomena that have been recorded in the past few years.

In the article, scientists suggested that a long time ago, aliens could send a “mothership” to roam the spaces between galaxies. From time to time, this ship can look into our solar system to send small probes to the planets. They have been given a cute name – “technological dandelion seeds”. Most likely, these “seeds” “fall” to the Earth as well.

Where did such a conclusion come from? Scientists have noticed that many unidentified objects in recent years have a compact, often cigarette-like shape.

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Such objects are conveniently dropped from the air so that they are difficult to notice. The mission of the “mothership”, according to Loeb, is similar to the one pursued by the terrestrial space agencies. Namely, to find out if there is anyone else in the universe.

“If the “mothership” really exists, we will soon be able to make the first contact with aliens,” Douglas Vakoch, president of METI International, an organization that develops messages for extraterrestrial intelligence, shares his opinion with Metro.

“Perhaps the “mother-ship” scatters these “seed” probes around the planets so that they work as beacons that will help the aliens find us. Or maybe they work like Wi-Fi points, and their task is to help us amplify and direct signals into space.

If the mother ship hypothesis is correct, you need to understand that this ship has been flying for far from the first millennium. Because for such long flights and study, a new type of energy is needed, which the cosmos itself produces, as well as technologies that are still incomprehensible to the human mind.

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“Perhaps the ‘mother ship’ that flies around the galaxies and throws ‘seeds’ to Earth flew over us in the days of the Roman Empire”, Vakoch suggests. “Or maybe sometimes a ship “parks” at the edge of the solar system and waits for several hundred years, watching us. After all, this is a hundred years for us. And by the standards of space, this is nothing.”

There has been a lot of talk about UFOs lately. There may even be an idea that there are more unidentified objects. But, according to expert Vakoch, this is not the case.

“There are definitely no more flying UFOs in the world. It’s just that the institutions that monitor them have become more public,” – says the specialist.

“For example, in US, all these reports are published by the department for the study of anomalies. And it was created only last year – it is clear that there is now increased interest in this area.”

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In addition, Vakoch emphasizes, people want to understand whether the state provides their security. The Pentagon also comes out with such reports, because they want to tell people that these are not Chinese or Russian intelligence apparatuses.

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