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Dwarf planet Ceres, close to Mars, could sustain extraterrestrial life

Astronomers have always sought answers to the question of the existence of alien life in the Universe. Now, a new study gives hope that the answer will be found.

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A dwarf planet located between Mars and Jupiter known as Ceres is becoming the focus of attention in the search for alien life due to its abundance of organic matter.

Ceres, which has long remained a little-studied planet in the asteroid belt , has attracted the attention of scientists due to its unusual nature. Recent research published in the Journal of the Geological Society of America highlights the importance of this small planet in understanding potential alien life forms.

Scientists first discovered organic compounds on Ceres in 2017 using the Dawn spacecraft. However, recent research suggests that organic matter may be more common than previously thought.

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Planetary scientist Terik Daly of the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory and lead author of the study stressed that finding organic matter on Ceres could be key to understanding the potential for life in the Universe. He also noted that these organic substances appear to be resistant to harsh conditions like those that prevail on Ceres.

Ceres provides a lot of interesting data. The planet is not only rich in organic matter, but also contains significant reserves of water ice, oxygen, hydrogen and carbon – all the necessary building blocks for life as we know it. These discoveries allow scientists to speak with confidence about the possibility of life on Ceres.

Daly notes that although they have not yet explored all aspects of organics on Ceres, observations indicate that organics are closely related to elements and minerals, such as carbonates. These elements indicate the presence of water, providing strong evidence for the evolution of organic matter on Ceres, likely from water.

Ceres, it turns out, may be hiding an internal supply of organic matter, raising interest in the biological potential of this small dwarf planet.

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A joint study by scientists from different universities and research laboratories gives hope that we are getting closer to answering one of the most fascinating questions – is there life in space?

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