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Dutch Nostradamus Frank Hoogerbeets predicts mega-earthquake

“Dutch Nostradamus” again predicts an earthquake, this time in the Far East (the countries of East Asia, including China, Japan, North and South Korea, and Indonesia).

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Frank Hoogerbeets, known as the “seismic prophet”, makes his calculations based on the position of the luminaries. Many doubt his method, but his past predictions show that he may be right.

This time Hoogerbeets predicts an earthquake of magnitude 6 or more with an 80% probability, and also names the Far East as a likely disaster site with a 60% probability. In addition, he is confident that the pushes will be powerful.

His forecast coincides with the forecast of a Russian scientist.

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Aleksey Lyubushkin, Chief Researcher at the Laboratory of Physics of Probing Mass Oscillations at the Institute of Physics of the Earth, Russian Academy of Sciences, considers a mega-earthquake highly probable and even names a specific place – Japan. He also indicates that the magnitude of the earthquake could reach 9.5.

Many scientists disagree with Hoogerbeets method, but some of his predictions have come true in the past. For example, he predicted an earthquake in Kamchatka, and although he made a mistake in the month, the catastrophe did occur. At the time, many experts argued that there was no danger.

Dutch seismologist also predicted the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

While Hoogerbeets’ predictions may be questionable, they remind us that natural disasters can happen at any time and we must be prepared for them. After all, it can save lives and reduce material losses.

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Frank Hoogerbeets is a researcher of the SSGEOS Institute and works as a seismologist-astrologer. In his work, he uses a technique based on the position of the stars and clues from them to predict earthquakes, although many experts in this field do not trust his technique.

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