During the flight, the pilot of the Turkish airline recorded UFO

UFO PlaneDuring a routine flight from Istanbul to Cologne, pilot Atilla Senturk and his crew encountered a strange object, reports t24.com.tr.

This week’s Turkish news sites report that a Turkish Airlines flight crew on May 10 witnessed a very bright, fast-moving object that appeared to move dangerously close to the aircraft before moving off at tremendous speed.

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Pilot Atilla Senturk, whose phone video clip of the object can be seen in the video below, described it as a “incredibly bright celestial body at high altitude.”

“I did not see anything flying so fast,” the pilot said. “It was not a satellite or a star. Then it disappeared at an incredible speed. [It] was very close to us and very bright despite the sun.”

“Cabin supervisor Efsun Selin Sezer and First Officer Ozgur Erdas were [also] witnesses.”

Exactly what it was that the crew came across that day remains a complete mystery, though.

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