Drone in Bolivia may have spotted the Chupacabra

A video that purportedly shows a chupacabra roaming the countryside of Bolivia has gone viral on social media. The footage was captured by a drone that was flying over a rural area near the city of Oruro, reports coasttocoastam.com.

The video has sparked a lot of debate among viewers, who have offered various explanations for the creature’s identity. Some think that it is indeed a chupacabra, while others suggest that it is a dog, a coyote, a fox, or even an alien.

The mysterious being presumably went unnoticed when the video was filmed as, unfortunately, the UAV makes no attempt at getting a better look at the mysterious creature in the field.

Area resident Carla Flores noted, “It’s peculiar – resembling a dog but with a distinctive hump further back. When I saw the images, it immediately reminded me of the ‘chupacabra.'”

The suspicion surrounding the creature stems from Oruro’s history of unusual killings, where cows, llamas, and alpacas have been discovered mysteriously drained of blood. After witnessing the footage, local farmers embarked on a fruitless search to locate the creature featured in the video.

The chupacabra is a cryptid that has been reported in various parts of Latin America, as well as in the United States and other countries. The name means “goat-sucker” in Spanish and refers to its alleged habit of attacking and killing goats and other animals.

The descriptions of the chupacabra vary widely, ranging from a reptilian creature with spikes on its back to a canine-like animal with no fur.

The origin of the chupacabra legend is unclear, but some researchers have traced it back to the 1990s, when several sightings were reported in Puerto Rico and Mexico. Some have speculated that the chupacabra is a product of genetic experimentation or mutation, while others have attributed it to folklore or mass hysteria.

The video from Bolivia is not the first time that a drone has captured an alleged chupacabra on camera. In 2015, a similar video emerged from Texas, showing a hairless creature running across a field. However, in that case, the creature was later identified as a coyote with mange, a skin disease that causes hair loss.

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