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Drone captures Bigfoot walking through the forest

The incredible video, filmed in northeastern Vermont, has once again been the subject of a heated discussion on social media.

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The footage, taken from an unmanned drone, captures the scenery of a forest covered with snow, and a strange bipedal ape-like silhouette that calmly walks through the snow.

According to the data, the video was uploaded to YouTube by user “Kens Karpentry” seven months ago, but went unnoticed for a long time. For some unknown reason, it came back into the spotlight when it was posted on social media. Now Internet users are trying to solve the riddle of Bigfoot.

In the video, which is about two and a half minutes long, something strange happens at the 2:20 mark – in the background, a mysterious creature slowly emerges from behind the trees.

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The figure resembles a humanoid creature with brown hair, which, it would seem, calmly wanders through the snow. The drone operator was clearly taken by surprise, and his surprise can be heard on video as he follows the unusual creature along a snow-covered path.

Many users claim that this is just a well-organized prank or a funny trick with someone in a suit. However, it is worth noting that the movements of the strange Bigfoot in the video look so natural and smooth that they raise serious doubts about this version of events.

Local experts in the study of unexplained phenomena drew attention to the video and began an investigation. One of the famous cryptozoologists said that such cases should not be dismissed immediately as hoaxes, since our planet still hides many mysterious creatures.

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