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Drill bit in millions of years old coal points to an advanced civilization

In the history of mankind, there are many mysteries and mysteries that still remain unsolved. One of these mysteries is the discovery, which was called the “out of place artifact.”

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These objects, found in various places around the world, are puzzling scientists and researchers. They indicate a level of technological advancement that does not correspond to the time when they were created.

According to the generally accepted view of history, modern man appeared about 200,000 years ago, and his ancient ancestors about 6 million years ago.

However, the finds of “out of place artifacts” cast doubt on this traditional chronology. One of the most famous artifacts was found in the 19th century inside a large piece of coal.

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This tool, resembling a detail from a drill, was comparable in quality to the tools of the 19th century. It is found in a coal seam that formed hundreds of millions of years ago.

This discovery shocked the scientists. How is it possible that an advanced human civilization already existed hundreds of millions of years ago?

John Buchanan, who presented this find at a meeting of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland in 1852, shared his thoughts and doubts.

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He noted that coal was formed long before the appearance of man on Earth, but how then to explain the presence of a human tool inside a coal seam covered with a huge mass of diluvial deposits and pebbles?

In summary, Buchanan said that the iron instrument was found within a seam of coal about 22 inches thick, which was in turn buried in a bed of diluvium or clay mixed with boulders some 7 feet thick.

He said: “I quite agree in the generally received geological view, that the coal was formed long before man was introduced upon this planet; but the puzzle is, how this implement, confessedly of human hands, should have found its way into the coal seam, overlaid as the latter was by a heavy mass of diluvium and boulders.”

Scientists and antiquarians present at the meeting offered their versions of the explanation of this riddle.

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Some believed that the found tool was a part of a broken drill used during previous coal prospecting. However, Buchanan’s detailed report does not indicate that the charcoal around the tool was split. It follows from the description that, when discovered, it was completely enclosed in a shell of coal.

This discovery aroused not only the interest of scientists, but also wide publicity. It became a subject of discussion in scientific circles and attracted the attention of historians, archaeologists and anthropologists. Various theories and hypotheses have been proposed to explain the origin of “out of place artifacts”.

One hypothesis suggests that these artifacts may have been left behind by ancient civilizations that existed long before the civilizations we know.

This is confirmed by the finds of artifacts that do not correspond to the technological development of known ancient civilizations. For example, stone tools have been found in Africa that are superior in performance to tools used in the Iron Age.

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Another hypothesis suggests that these artifacts could be the result of temporal distortions or the transfer of objects in time. There are theories about the possibility of time and space travel, and finds of “out of place artifacts” may be associated with such phenomena.

Despite the fact that there are many hypotheses and theories, there is still no definite answer to the question of the origin of these mysterious artifacts.

They remain unknown testimonies of ancient technological advances that arouse the perplexity and interest of scientists and researchers.

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