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Doorbell cam captured a Giant Translucent UFO over Raytown, Missouri

According to UFOCasebook and analyzed by Doc Holliday, something very strange just flew over Raytown, Missouri.

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A doorbell camera shows what looks like a translucent UFO slowly moving over Raytown, Missouri.

Eyewitness states: “Unknown aerial object caught on camera, slow moving and sometimes translucent and sometimes rejecting light.”

The doorbell camera video shows the object from 2 different perspectives. Watch closely at the 2nd one and you’ll see that the object really does project some light through the trees.

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It’s worth noting that when videos like this are faked, you’ll rarely see an object from 2 different perspectives. In this case, both line up exactly. If the object were to just suddenly disappear, you know you might be dealing with multiple video layers.

Another possibility is that the alleged UFO is just a reflection in the camera of an object moving along the road but the fact that this object can be seen giving off light through the tree to me makes it a much more legitimate video to examine and consider as a UFO that needs to be investigated.

It’s another video that makes you wonder what exactly is flying across Missouri and what is its intention. Is it something/someone innocent or sinister?

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