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Doomsday bunker manufacturer said that we have no more than 30 days left

Widely known in narrow circles entrepreneur Robert Vicino, whose company creates bunkers, said in an interview for France 24 that people have 30 days left, then significant changes are coming in society.

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In a month, the first food shortage will appear in the USA, according to Vicino.

The French reporter asked him about the right time to go underground and bunk yourself with your family, concerning the coronavirus pandemic.

He answered, “When destitute people start to knock down your door and take what you got, and that’s gonna happen in the US in 30 days from now on”.

Robert Vicino
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Vicino bunkers are intended exclusively for wealthy people, as they correspond to the VIP class.

Communicating with wealthy representatives of society, an entrepreneur may have heard something or someone shared secret information with him.

It is worth noting that before, the entrepreneur did not name any dates and did not delve into the topic of the future of people at all.

It does not make sense to frighten the residents either, since business is already booming, rich people themselves are well aware of the risks that await them.

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One of these days, an interview will appear on France 24 Youtube channel. Whether the words of the man will become a reality, we will find out very soon.

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