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Does Inner Voice Talk To You?

inner-voiceThere must be times you feel a prickling sensation at the back of your neck and turn around to see someone looking intently at you. At times you think of a long lost friend and she calls out of the blue or bumps into you somewhere.

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A friend, Raima, had been getting uncomfortable vibes each time she entered a room in her house. She ignored this till one day a clairvoyant, Minakshi Balasubramaniam, who happened to be visiting a friend’s neighbouring home, stopped outside Raima’s main door, disturbed by a strong intuition. She told the neighbour that she sensed negative energy in Raima’s home and suggested ways to cleanse it…

Veenu Sandal, renowned clairvoyant and tarot card reader, was waiting for her flight to Delhi at the Mumbai airport, when she felt compelled to share a strong premonition with a lady waiting alongside. Veenu went up to the lady and told her she could envision her in an air crash out of which she walks alive towards a barbed wire fence. She even told the lady she could see her in a purple sari with a brown border. A couple of months later, the lady sought out Veenu to tell her that her premonition of the air crash had come absolutely true, even down to the barbed wire and sari details!

What accounts for such strong urges? When a loved one is in trouble, we may feel an instinctive connect, but what about the times we get intuitive about a total stranger? And, how can we sometimes be so sure that something good or bad is just round the corner when that feeling strangely has no base in reasoning, logic or any prior experience? What is intuition and how is it different from instinct?

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Instinct is something we share with animals. It’s the urge that leads us to fulfil our basic needs, such as food, water, shelter and sex. It’s what leads a baby — animal or human — to blindly seek its mother for sustenance. What then, is intuition? Intuition is unique to humans and they say you can actually develop intuition, whereas instinct is inborn to us all.

Most of us have experienced at times how “an inner voice” has saved us from something in the nick of time. When we are advised to “sleep a problem over,” what we are being actually told is to give our inner wisdom or intuition a chance to talk to us. This then is intuition in layman terms.

Veenu defines intuition as a premonition, a flash message about future events. She defines the fine line dividing instinct and intuition. “Instinct is the result of the working of our sixth sense. In intuition, the sixth sense works along with something paranormal. Higher than instinct, intuition is a synthesis of mind power and a certain amount of spiritual power.”

Veenu attributes her intuitive powers to the long journeys she has undertaken in the lap of Nature since childhood. “Deep silences give you the opportunity to look inwards, understand and be in touch with your intuitive self. What helps is keeping yourself cleansed of impurities at all times and so allowing your chakras to flow freely,” she says.

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Intuition or the inner voice seldom leads you astray. And, experts believe so long as you can attain the peace and silence needed to hear your inner voice, you can be intuitive. Veenu suggests ways to do this —rationalise any problem that upsets you, go for a walk, talk to a friend or meditate — different things work for different people. When you are positive, you are more receptive and intuition is all about being receptive to cosmic forces. “When chakras flow freely, that’s when auras come in. People who are intuitive, are very calm and that’s not a coincidence.”

Minakshi stresses the need to believe and meditate. She says intuition is a feeling or conscious thought that comes into the mind for a moment. If you believe and connect, you are intuitive and everyone can develop that. “If you are intuitive, pick up the messages you get and train yourself to understand. Value it rather than think about it. Logic interferes; it may not allow you to be intuitive.”

Minakshi agrees with Veenu and other experts that each one of us can develop this system of internal messaging emanating from a source that seems to know all. Some would call the source God. Some, the Supreme Light. Some will call it the accumulated wisdom of our soul over many births. Dr Deepak Chopra would define it as a “collective matrix of thought” or the “psychosis of the collective mind.” You could even call it the “Divine Mind”.

Whatever the nomenclature, intuition emerges in times of deep need, guides us on the right path and many a time, saves us from a disaster. At least I have never known anyone to say, “My intuition led me wrong!” So, what’s the harm in trying to develop it, to try and tap our inner resources and strengths? At best, we would always be safe; at worst, we would just have ourselves to blame for whatever goes wrong…

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