Intuition gut feelingWe all have intuition, but many of us don’t even realize we are using it. Intuition goes way beyond the concept of “sixth sense.” Believe it or not, there are actually 4 forms or categories of intuition that you can experience—and you’ve probably used them already!

Gut Feelings

Have you ever gotten a feeling in your gut that told you something was right or wrong? Gut instincts are the most primal form of intuition. This type likely developed out of our prehistoric need for survival.

After all, what better way to sense an impending predator? Or better yet, how to search and locate food. This skill likely served our cave dwelling ancestors well.

When you feel harmony and oneness with all life, you’re using this type of intuition to its fullest.

Gut feelings can still serve us well in modern times. The trouble is; we don’t often heed them. How often have you gone against your gut, only to wind up regretting it? Pay attention to this type of intuition.

Heart Wisdom

Have you ever struggled with a decision between your head and your heart? How did it turn out? Chances are you were happier if you followed your heart and disappointed if you followed your head. Why is that? It’s because heart wisdom is almost always a higher form of intelligence.

This form of intuition is not only used in decision making, it is also used in communication. Have you ever felt compassion or empathy for a total stranger? Maybe you’ve even felt that person’s pain. These feelings add up to heart intuition too.

Third Eye Wisdom

Third eye wisdom, also known as extra sensory perception (ESP) or even clairvoyance, is another form of intuition. This is perhaps the most common association people have when they think of intuitive knowledge.

But third eye wisdom isn’t just premonitions and foretelling the future. This form of intuition also involves imagination and creativity. Have you ever seen something “in your mind’s eye?” if so, you’ve used this type of wisdom.

Universal Power

This level of intuition is a biggie. You’ve probably used this form of intuition many times without realizing it. Have you ever experienced synchronicity? Did you just go with the flow of the universe and have everything work out well for everyone? Then you’ve unleashed universal power.

This power goes even further. When you feel harmony and oneness with all life, you’re using this type of intuition to its fullest.

Pay attention to all forms of intuition. Let them serve you well!

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