Do You Ever Get Chills for No Reason? Find Out What it Means

ChillsHas this ever happened to you? You’re sitting around, either alone or having a conversation with someone, and suddenly you experience chills. You’re not feeling ill or coming down with anything, so what could it mean?

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Chilling Messages

The chills you experience may be up and down your spine, on one side of your body or all over. Regardless, they are trying to tell you something. What they are trying to say depends upon the context in which they occur.

Take note of what’s going on when you feel the chills. Are you meditating in silence? Are you trying to communicate with a spirit guide? Perhaps you are having a deep conversation with a friend or loved one. Maybe you’re trying to uncover the truth about a situation. Whatever it is, pay attention.

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An Angelic or Spiritual Presence

If you notice the chills occurring while you’re in a spiritual state of mind, they are likely signaling an angelic or spiritual presence. And if you were specifically looking to communicate with one of these beings, the chills are confirmation that you have connected. In effect, your spirit guide or angel is saying hello.

These tingly feelings aren’t only reserved for angels and guide. Deceased friends and relatives may also come through in this manner.

A Warning

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Have you ever walked into a room or a strange place and gotten chills? Maybe the hair on your arms or the back of your neck stood on end as well. You’ve probably guessed that this experience is some sort of warning.

Pay close attention; it could signal danger or a malevolent spirit lurking about. However, the chills could also be a simple alert. Perhaps something important is about to happen. Either way, take heed.

A Confirmation from Above

Finally, bodily chills can also serve as confirmation from the universe or your higher self. Say for instance you are searching for a new home. You look around at several houses, but get all tingly when you enter that cute yellow bungalow with rose bushes out front. If positive feelings go along with the chills, chances are that will be your new abode.

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The next time you experience chills for no reason, remember that they are really energetic sensations that are sending you a message. Be sure to listen carefully!

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