Diver’s body swelled to colossal proportions after abrupt rise to the surface

Some men spend many hours in the gym, wanting to get a pumped up body. Peruvian Alejandro Ramos Martinez, to his misfortune, became an athlete unwittingly, reports odditycentral.com.

He was scuba diving, and as he quickly rose to the surface, his body puffed up like a balloon. It’s all about the laws of physics.

The unusual transformation of Alejandro’s body occurred after one of the dives for seafood. The diver very quickly rose from a depth of 30 meters to the surface, which led to irreversible consequences in the body.

Nitrogen, contained in the blood in the form of bubbles, got into the muscle tissue, which caused a terrible swelling of the upper body.

As a rule, a mild form of decompression sickness is expressed in dizziness, nausea, pain in the joints. Scientists called the case of the Peruvian unique.

Alejandro himself has a very hard time. In addition to the fact that he has gained 30 kilograms, the man is in constant pain, it is difficult for him to move around. The deformed chest led to a serious injury to the hip joint.

The doctors tried to help the poor man. It was placed several times in a hyperbaric chamber, which made it possible to eliminate 30% of the nitrogen bubbles.

To completely get rid of the anomaly, you need at least another hundred sessions, and this is very harmful to the body.

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