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Disk-shaped UFO seen flying over San Clemente California

Last month (April 2023), a mysterious disk-shaped object was captured on video as it flew over San Clemente, California.

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The UFO had no visible wings or engines, and only emitted lights at its front and rear. The footage was uploaded to YouTube by a user who claimed to have witnessed the event.

This was not the first time that such a craft was seen in the sky.

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In March 2023, a similar UFO was recorded by a pilot of a private jet over Colombia. The pilot described the object as flat and shiny, and said it moved very fast and changed direction abruptly.

These sightings are part of a growing trend of UFO reports that have baffled experts and intrigued the public.

Some believe that these objects are evidence of extraterrestrial visitation, while others suggest that they are advanced military technology or natural phenomena.

Whatever the origin and purpose of these flying disks, they demonstrate that there are still many mysteries in our world that we have yet to unravel.

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