Soul purpose

Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose

Soul purposeDo you often find yourself asking, “Why did I come here to earth?” And if you happen to believe in reincarnation, you might find yourself frequently asking, “Why did I come to earth this time?” Either way, it can be extremely frustrating to manage daily life on this planet if you aren’t exactly sure what you’re here to do. How can you discover your soul’s purpose?

What Makes Your Heart Sing?

Mythologist Joseph Campbell often talked about “finding your bliss.” It’s your path and your journey—and it’s also a key to your soul’s purpose.

What makes your heart sing? Is it gardening and being out in nature? Or is it a passion for playing and listening to music? Perhaps it’s caring for others or teaching knowledge. Maybe you have a love for animals and are overjoyed when you can save a stray from the streets. Whatever it is, it offers a clue to your soul’s purpose.

When your heart sings it means that you are aligned with something powerful. The wisdom of your heart doesn’t lie.

When Do You Feel a Sense of Wonder?

Another key to discovering your soul’s purpose is to notice when you feel a sense of wonder. If you’re like many battle-scarred adults, you’ve probably forgotten what a sense of wonder feels like. If so, harken back to your childhood days. Do you remember when you felt a sense of awe?

Was it when you learned how to read? Maybe it was your first look at the night sky through a telescope. What activity could keep you engrossed for hours as a child (or even as an adult)? This also offers a hint.

Getting Clarification

Identifying those things that bring you joy and wonder are a great start, but they don’t seem very specific do they? How do you get clarification around your soul’s purpose and mission statement?

The best way to find out is through meditation or contemplation. You need to get in touch with your higher self and simply ask, “What is my soul’s purpose?” You may or may not get a direct answer right away, but in time you will get understanding and clarification. Keep at it!

Realize that you are here for a specific and special mission. Keep walking a path of joy and wonder and you’ll discover your soul’s purpose!

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