Discovering Your Previous Incarnations Can Help You Live Happier Now

ReincarnationKnowing about your past lives can be beneficial in your current lifetime and improve the quality of this life. There are some simple tell tale signs that might indicate that you have had a past life and that it may be affecting or even interfering with your current life.

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Here are some of the most common signs that you might be being affected by things from your past life and how to deal with them.

Why you like some people and dislike others

People you have an unexplained like or dislike of. This can lead to getting involved with someone in this life with whom you shared very intense emotions in a past life.

Emotions tend to leave imprints from life to life and the stronger the emotion, the stronger the imprint. A very strong love can transcend from one life to another. So too can a harmful relationship.

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Unless you understand this, you may find yourself in a very unhealthy relationship and not know why. Often we travel together from one life to another with the same group of people.

Someone who is a friend in one life can be a stranger in this one and by the same token an enemy in a past life can turn into a friend or even be born again as your own mother or father.

Unexplained interest in various cities, cultures and countries

You may have an unexplained longing for a place you’ve never been, such as Ireland, China, or Italy, for example or a culture you’ve never been exposed to. This may mean that in a past life you had lived in that location.

For example, if you have gone to a place for the first time but seem to know things about it you would have no way of knowing, can mean that you have at one time lived in this place.

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A famous example of this happened to General George Patton twice – once in France and once in North Africa. He believed he was a reincarnation of the famous General Hannibal. He even wrote a poem about it his belief in reincarnation.

Through the travail of the ages,
Midst the pomp and toil of war,
Have I fought and strove and perished,
Countless times upon this star.

So as through a glass, and darkly
The age long strife I see
Where I fought in many guises,
Many names, – but always me.

Do you have recurring dreams?

Often recurring dreams such as being drowned by large waves, fear of heights or being killed in some manner can indicate that in a past life you met your death that way.

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Usually, these memories also stick in your mind and are very close to the surface because of the amount of fear such a death produced. Frightening incidents in your past can also create unexplained phobias in your current life, such a fear of hospitals, needles, fire, or being left alone.

Making the decision to face these can lessen and even end fears you may have in this life that cannot be explained.

Having interests, talents or skills that don’t run in your family

Possessing certain skill sets may also be a result of past lives. For example, why are certain people born baseball players, or musicians – for example, was Beethoven just extremely talented or had he been a musician in a past life?

What about great people like Gandhi? Did his environment produce him or his genetic make up or did he develop the skills and characteristics that helped him be a great man over a series of life times?

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Where does your high math aptitude or musical aptitude or ease with learning a new language come from? Your parents? Your schooling? Or was it always in there waiting and just seemed to come out naturally in a way that perhaps surprised even you?

Preferring one sex over another

Then there are physical attributes and even sexual preference. What sex you are can change from one life to another. If you feel you are in the wrong body or if you feel attracted to someone of the same sex this could be simply because you were the opposite sex in the last life.

Physical imprints, not just emotional ones can move from lifetime to lifetime and be strong enough to cause you to feel as if you should still be male or should still be female or should still be attracted to those of the same sex as you.

Likewise, such things as birthmarks and physical ailments can follow you from one life to another.

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There are many ways to further investigate or to deal with these issues if you decide this might be something that is happening to you. One is regressing yourself.

Another is to find a qualified past life regression therapist. This is probably the safest and practical way of coming to terms with any of this.

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