Black hole

Discovered a black hole that erases the past and allows you to live many lives

Black holeScientists said they found a black hole with unusual properties. The behavior of the object differs from the usual black holes. According to scientists, the theory of relativity does not work in the very center of the black hole and there is no concept of time.

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The mathematician Peter Hinz from among the scientists of the group believes that in case of falling into a black hole, gravity will not crush a person. Instead, he will be timeless – his past will be erased, and many options for the future will open ahead.

In other words, if a person who gets into a black hole has the opportunity to return, he could live countless lives, returning again and again and starting all over from the very beginning.

True, the existing laws of physics, or rather their current understanding by scientists, do not imply the possibility of the return of any object from beyond the horizon of the events of a black hole.

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The only theoretical loophole remains the so-called white holes. According to the theory, they can be objects of space that return the energy absorbed by black holes. However, the theory of white holes has not yet been confirmed.

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