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Discover the Meaning of Your Name Using Vedic Numerology

Numerology nameChances are you’ve analyzed your name using traditional Western numerology, but have you tried it with the Vedic method? The Vedic system is derived from the Hinduism, more specifically the Vedic period when the oldest Hindu scriptures (or Vedas) were written.

Find Your Name Number

The first step is to write out your full name. Then assign the corresponding value to each letter using the values indicated below.

For A, I, J, Q, Y, use the number 1
For B, K, R, use the number 2
For C, G, L, S, use the number 3
For D, M, T, use the number 4
For E, H, N, X, use the number 5
For F, use the number 8
For O, Z, use the number 7
For P, use the number 9
For U, V, W, use the number 6

The Vedic system is derived from the Hinduism, more specifically the Vedic period when the oldest Hindu scriptures (or Vedas) were written.

If your name is Ann Lee for example, you would assign 1 for A, 5 for N, 5 for N and then 3 for L, 5 for E, and 5 for E. Then you would add up all the numbers and reduce to a single digit. In this case you would add 1+5+5+3+5+5 = 24 then 2+4 = 6. Your Vedic name number would be 6.

Here’s the fun part. Look up your number’s meaning below.

Number 1

You are a pioneer and a leader. Dynamic and self-confident, others often rely on you to point the way.

Number 2

Patient and perceptive, you have a philosophical outlook on life. People often come to you for advice.

Number 3

Blessed with a keen intellect, you know how to learn, create and innovate!

Number 4

A practical planner, you know how to build projects from start to finish.

Number 5

You’re a charming communicator who gets along well with others and puts people at ease.

Number 6

Impartial and objective, you are a wonderful mediator who can find a win-win solution for everyone.

Number 7

A lifelong learner, you have an insatiable curiosity. You also love sharing your knowledge with others.

Number 8

Born with an entrepreneurial spirit, you’re competitive and can certainly take care of business.

Number 9

Grounded and well rounded you are a wise philanthropist who seeks to help others reach their potential.

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