Dinosaurs roamed Alaska 100 million years ago, archaeologists find

In northwestern Alaska, archaeologists have discovered a huge number of ancient dinosaur tracks dating back 100 million years. The research results were published in Geosciences.

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The discovery in the Coxa Basin of Alaska’s Nanushuk Formation reveals more about the migration of ancient animals and the climate of the mid-Cretaceous period. In their search for ancient traces, archaeologists have discovered remnants of forests and even fossilized animal excrement.

Study leader Anthony Fiorillo said, “This site was just crazy rich in dinosaur tracks.”

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Surprisingly, the team of researchers was even able to identify the species of dinosaurs that left their tracks.

The vast majority (59%) were bipedal herbivores, with the rest following: quadrupedal herbivores (17%), birds (15%) and non-avian, mostly carnivorous, bipedal dinosaurs (9%).

These findings provide an opportunity to answer questions regarding animal migrations that occurred 100 million years ago.

Importantly, these traces also allow for a more detailed analysis of the mid-Cretaceous climate, which could be extremely valuable as we face climate challenges today.

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Samples of the wood studied also indicate a more humid climate at that time, comparable to modern Miami. This fact allows us to understand more about the changes occurring in nature and will help expand our horizons in the field of climatology and ecology.

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