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Hauntings types

Different Types of Hauntings: What You Might be Dealing With

Hauntings typesThe minute you begin to suspect your house is haunted, no doubt that the first instinct is to panic. We live in a culture that perpetuates a fear of death—and a fear of the dead.

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Stories and movies we have seen since we were knee-high have made haunted houses out to be scary, threatening places. Many ‘reality shows’ purport to investigate the paranormal and only reinforce these fears and misconceptions.

The truth is, vast majority of hauntings aren’t threatening. There are three different types of hauntings; knowing what you’re dealing with can help put your mind at ease.

Classing Haunting

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A ‘classic haunting’ is also known as a ‘residual haunting’. In this type of haunting there isn’t even a ghost present. An event with a heightened state of energy can get caught in a place’s electromagnetic field, like a recording. Under certain conditions, this recording can get played over and over again. They are imprints of the past on an environment.

There’s usually a pattern with classic hauntings— the same sounds or the same sightings happening in intervals, or under certain atmospheric conditions.


They’re like an old-fashioned record on a player long forgotten about, with a stuck needle that keeps jumping to the same part over and over.

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These are by far the most common source of things that go bump in the night. With classic hauntings, there really is nothing to fear but fear itself. They can’t hurt you— they’re shadows of the past.

Intelligent Hauntings

Intelligent hauntings occur when there is a deceased person’s spirit present. The majority of entities can’t—or don’t want to—harm us. Some don’t know they’re dead, or they don’t move on in the afterlife for some reason. They are attached to a thing or location or person, they’re too scared or traumatized to move on. They may be trying to get your attention, or trying to get you to leave.

Poltergeists—German for “noisy ghosts”—are among the most famous of these types of hauntings. They’re tricksters—basically, they’re entertaining themselves in the hereafter by doing things to get a reaction out of you.

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Many of these entities are something you can learn to live with—especially once you begin to acknowledge them. If the actions they’re taking are not threatening in nature, you have nothing to worry about. If you suspect they’re particularly traumatized or hostile, you may want to contact a psychic medium who can help them move on, or at least negotiate a peace treaty between the living and the dead in the house.

Demonic/Inhuman Hauntings

The real threat comes in the form of a demonic hauntings. These entities are not, and never were, human. These creatures are dark and bring a foreboding, heavy energy to the house.

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Demonic entities are out to hurt or possess people. You may get knocked around, find scratches and bruises on yourself, it may invade your dreams or try to control you. The situation quickly gets more and more threatening; they feed on your fear. If you suspect a demonic entity, get help immediately through clergy or a qualified psychic.

Demonic haunting

This is the only type of haunting that can be truly harmful, and they are exceedingly rare. Most of the time people get so scared by a classic or intelligent haunting, they think they have something demonic on their hands. If you stop to really about the nature of the occurrences, it’s usually clear right away whether it’s demonic or not.

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Most hauntings are not that difficult to live with; once you understand them and know you have a benign haunting on your hands, you might even find it fascinating.

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