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Did Chris Mellon just confirm U.S. UFO crash retrievals?

UFO historian Michael Schratt joins Richard during the second half of this special episode, which was sparked by a powerful statement from Former US defense official, Christopher Mellon on April 22.

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On his substack page, Mellon shared a redacted and annotated screenshot of an exchange he had on Signal with a senior government official from around 2020. This official discussed access to a U.S. alien technology recovery and exploitation program.

The official also mentioned that progress was being made in accessing a classified program related to a UAP that landed in Kingman, Arizona, in the 1950s. In addition, he referred to the program’s management, security controls, and the recovery process for landed or crashed UAPs.

former White House insider shared a document, from around 2020, that appears to prove the US government recovered remains of a crashed UFO in the of Arizona in the 1950s

Finally, he mentioned a classified memo from the 1950s by a Secretary of the USAF as still being in effect to maintain secrecy on this matter. All of this is new information. Most importantly, it is supported by longstanding UFO research into the matter, an abundance of which is provided by Michael Schratt.

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We are talking about the 1953 UFO Kingman incident.

The incident reportedly occurred on May 21, 1953, near Kingman, Arizona, where it is said that a metallic object, described as 30 feet wide and three and a half feet high, oval-shaped with portholes, crashed in the desert. This event is often overshadowed by the more famous Roswell incident but holds its own place in the annals of UFO lore.

According to accounts, a team of about 40 scientists was dispatched to the crash site to conduct an investigation. Among them was engineer Arthur Stancil, who deduced that the craft had impacted the ground at a speed of 1,200 miles per hour, yet it was strangely undamaged and appeared not to be of human origin.

Metallurgist Leonard Stringfield also examined the craft and concluded that the materials used to construct it were not from Earth.

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The Kingman incident is enveloped in mystery and has been the subject of much speculation. Some believe that the UFO was quickly recovered and taken to a secret location, such as Area 51 or Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. There are also claims of humanoid creatures found inside the craft, which further fuels the intrigue surrounding this event.

Over the course of a decade-long investigation, Historian and researcher Harry Drew meticulously sifting through archival materials, newspapers, and records, came to the conclusion that actually three unidentified crafts crashed near Kingman.

One craft met its demise upon crashing into the mountainside near Kingman, igniting a fierce blaze. Another was discovered fully intact amidst the desert terrain, while the third craft endured a turbulent landing, scraping against rocky terrain before coming to rest near a small reservoir.

Military personnel swiftly secured the crash sites, guarding them until a specialized recovery team could transport the unidentified crafts to a Nevada base.

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Drew asserts that his research not only illuminates the details of the crashes themselves but also unveils the covert operations involved in transporting the crafts to Nevada. The preservation of one of the machines, largely intact, offering a tantalizing glimpse into alien technology.

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