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Developing Your Own Psychic Gifts: Clairaudience

ClairaudienceIntuitive gifts and psychic ability are not limited to professional psychics. We all have these abilities to varying degrees. Developing your own psychic gifts can help you connect with Spirit in new and exciting ways. Clairaudience is a unique gift that we can all learn to develop.

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What is Clairaudience?

Clairaudience means “clear audio” or “clear hearing.” People with this particular psychic gift have the ability to connect with Spirit through hearing. They may hear it as a still small voice coming from deep inside them. It may also appear as a distinct voice or voices outside or separate from themselves. In some cases it may not be a voice at all, rather a characteristic sound, music or ringing in the ears.

Although hearing voices and sounds may indicate some forms of mental illness, clairaudience is not a part of this. The psychic knows and can distinguish the difference between their own sense of self and signals they are receiving from Spirit or the Higher Self. The psychic is still grounded in reality as opposed to someone with a psychological problem.

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Developing Your Abilities

In order to develop your clairaudience, the key is to work on enhancing your hearing and listening skills. People who are disturbed by loud noises often have a predisposition towards clairaudience. Their sensitivity to sound can help them pick up any auditory signals or vibrations easier than most. People with musical skills have an advantage, as they are able to discern various sounds.

There are many ways to strengthen your hearing and listening skills. A good idea is to have your hearing checked first. Sometimes we may have hearing problems and be unaware of them. Earwax, infections and sinus trouble can all contribute towards hearing issues. Ruling out any physical complications, you can then try working with some listening exercises.

Listening Exercises

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There are several options you can try to enhance your listening skills. It may sound odd but meditation is a great technique to use for enhancing clairaudience. Meditation quiets the mind and slows down rambling thoughts.

Spirit often speaks to us during these moments when the mind is in a relaxed state. If you are not focused on the thoughts streaming in your head, then you can focus on other things like intuitive sounds and communication.

Another method to enhance listening is to identify and distinguish sounds. Sit or lie in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Now focus on all the sounds you hear. Even if you think you’re in a quiet room, you’ll still pick up sounds that you rarely pay attention to.

Try to identify each individual sound you hear: a dripping faucet, birds chirping outside the window, a refrigerator’s hum. Try doing this for five minutes several times a day if you can. We are so used to tuning out noises that we sometimes lose our ability to hear subtle sounds.

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You can do a similar exercise while listening to music. Classical or instrumental music is recommended due its many subtleties and variety of instruments. Again, get comfortable and close your eyes. As you listen to the piece, try to pick out each individual instrument you hear. Notice the variations in pitch, tone and melody. Try doing this exercise with one different piece of music per day.

Trying Out Your Clairaudience

When you’re ready you can try out your clairaudience skills. Sit in a meditative position and close your eyes. Now imagine that you are like a satellite dish picking up signals from Spirit or your Higher Self.

You may want to visualize a beam coming from the top of your head or your ears to pick up any vibrations. Now ask a question and listen for any signs. You may have a word pop into your mind, hear a melody or hum. Whatever it is notice the sensation you get. If nothing comes up that’s ok. You can try again later. Keep practicing!

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Clairaudience is a wonderful psychic gift we can use to communicate with Spirit. The Universe has much to say when you are ready to listen!

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