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Sixth sense

Developing and Using your Sixth Sense

Sixth senseYou may have never thought of yourself as psychic, but everyone has a sixth sense. If you can learn to hone your intuition and trust it, it can help you with just about any decision you have to make, or any people that you meet. It can take a little bit of work and practice, but eventually you’ll find that your own psychic “antennae” is getting better at tuning into the things you want to know.

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Stop Brushing Off that Inner Voice

The so-called ‘inner voice’ comes through sometimes, and its instinct for many people to just brush it off. People have been taught to only trust what they can see with their eyes and hear with their ears. When information seemingly comes from out of nowhere, they second guess themselves. More times than not, though, that information turns out to be correct.

The ‘inner voice’ is not always a voice, incidentally. For some people it comes in the form of a voice in your mind—a voice that is both part of you and distinct with a personality of its own at the same time. For other people, images might flash before their eyes.

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For still others, information may come through in the form of ‘gut feelings’ or instinctual knowledge. Either way, this is your higher self trying to get messages through to you—sometimes with the help of spirit guides, guardian angels, deceased loved ones or even the Divine Source itself.

The first step in learning to ‘hear’ (or feel; or see) what that inner voice has to tell you better is to start listening to it. When it comes through, stop with the flow of other random thoughts and ideas, and just ponder the information coming through.

Start a Meditation Regime

Meditation is like exercise for the brain—it strengthens the mind. It helps you focus and concentrate better when you do it regularly. It also teaches you to find a calm, quiet place inside of you so that—no matter what’s going on around you—you can be still and listen to that inner voice.

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Even if it’s only for 15 minutes per day, you’ll notice within a couple of weeks you’re already making strides.

Test Yourself

To really develop your ability to pick up information, the best thing you can do is practice. You might ask a friend to help you with this so you can gauge your results. Ask your friend to spend some time thinking about something in particular as she makes her way over to you, and to continue thinking about it as you meet.

See if you can pick up on your friend’s thoughts, or at least see if you can empathically pick up on the feelings.

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Another way to practice is with acquaintances online. Go in a chat room or message board and start talking to someone. Relax and try to tap into that inner voice to see what it has to say about this person. Ask the person questions about himself to see if you are picking up information accurately.

Remember not to be discouraged—sometimes you may be right, but other people may be denying their true feelings or motives. Other times, you may get a feeling—such as not to take a certain road home—only to find out there were no accidents on the road that day.

It doesn’t mean your feeling was false—it could mean that by you not being there, the future outcome changed. It could also mean that you might not have had an accident if you took that road; you might have gotten pulled over for speeding, or had a blow-out by running over a pot hole.

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Learn to practice trusting your feelings and you will find them a stronger and stronger guide in your life.

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