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Deer remains discovered after big cat sighting reported in Devon, England

A hiker and his family recently had an encounter with a massive black feline while exploring the remote Dartmoor region, reports

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Sightings of these large predatory cats have persisted throughout the British Isles for years. While suspicions of a population of such creatures roaming the countryside have long endured, concrete evidence of their existence in the UK has been scarce.

Some of these sightings are believed to stem from owners of large cats releasing their animals into the wild, particularly after the introduction of the Dangerous Wild Animals Act in 1976. However, given that reports of sizable cats persist well into the 21st century, it appears improbable that this can account for all of them.

Now, a new report has emerged of a substantial black cat in the British countryside, this time in Dartmoor, where numerous similar sightings have been documented in the past.

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As per accounts, Jon and his family were enjoying a walk near the Fernworthy Reservoir on August 27th when they came across a sizable black creature that strongly resembled a feline.

“It started walking around slowly then saw me, stood there and looked at me and then started casually walking away,” he said. “I’m quite a calm character so I thought I was seeing things and remained calm as I had my dog and child with me and didn’t want to panic them.”

“We decided to walk back into the forest maybe a quarter of a mile further up and straight away my son said ‘what’s that?’. There was a half-eaten deer carcass just off the path in the woods and in the path there were quite a few bones about four to six inches long with broken bones from a rib cage.”

“We then had to walk through thick woodland to get back to the car and while we were walking, we heard a roar. We thought we were going mad.”

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