Deer camera in the forest caught a goblin

A Reddit user posted a picture taken by a security camera near a deer feeder in the forest. In the photo you can see a small humanoid creature.

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“The fence is about 2 feet (60 cm) high,” he added in the comments.

His post went viral and drew hundreds of comments suggesting what the creature might be.

The author of the post refused to name the place where this picture was taken, only indicated that he only had this one photo, which was taken by an automatic camera that responds to movement.

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Judging by the dates in the picture, this happened on November 27, 2022.

He also showed a photo of the same place, taken during the day, so that it was clear that there was no object that looked like a little man standing there.

The discussions under the post turned out to be very intense. People agreed that the object looked like a small, naked man whose eyes glowed like those of a nocturnal animal. Goblin, troll, or duende (troll in Spanish-speaking countries) were listed as suggestions.

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Alas, due to the fact that the posted picture is of very low resolution, the enlarged figure looks like a cluster of pixels and it is impossible to see anything specific, except for the general outlines, burning eyes and buttocks.

There were theories that it was just a fox, a coyote, or even a cat standing on its hind legs. Or a possum, owl, etc. Given that the height of the fence is 2 feet, as the author pointed out, the height of the creature is about 1.60 ft. Not enough for a fox or coyote.

But if this is an animal, then in a very unusual pose. The theory that this is a Chupacabra also appeared.

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Among the commentators were those who accused the author of a hoax and that he himself put a doll there before taking a photo.

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