Death does not exist: the scientist made a loud statement

Absolutely any living creature encounters death, so it is quite understandable that people want to know the truth, what actually awaits a person after death, reports

Christianity and other religions talk about eternal life in heaven or hell, and Buddhism offers the theory of reincarnation. Experts decided to look at death from a scientific point of view.

According to the assumption, after death, a person can move to another space-time. The topic of time loops is very popular with science fiction writers, but what if it’s far from fiction?

Perhaps a person has a new life in a different time-space or the deceased is transferred to a time when death was avoided.

Robert Lanz of Astellas Global Regenerative Medicine (Institute of Regenerative Medicine) believes that death is not the end of existence, but just a quantum reset. Human consciousness moves to another point in alternative space-time.

Our consciousness creates a picture that we take for the Universe. The theory also states that time and space are not measurable. These are just human-created concepts for storing information.

According to Lanz, consciousness is the energy that leaves the body after death. This process is called biocentrism, Albert Einstein spoke about it. The great scientist stated that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it just transforms into another form.

Lanza concluded that reincarnation was not fiction. The consciousness of every person is present in the Universe. Consciousness generates time: a person can easily take the past or future for the present, create a new frame of reference. Death is a reboot that opens up new possibilities.

So far, the scientific world cannot explain the very essence of consciousness: what it is and where it is. The experts still have many questions to answer.

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