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Dead Children’s Playground

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People who reside in Huntsville, Alabama are very familiar with dead children’s playground. It is part of the unique history of this region. Hidden amongst the old beech trees within the limits of Maple Hill Cemetery lies the Dead Children’s Playground.

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Maple Hill Park was founded in 1822 and with its hundreds of acres of land it is the oldest and largest cemetery in the U.S. state of Alabama.

Some people say that it is the spirits of the cemetery’s children that come out to play. But another legend tells another story, around 1960 several children were abducted and their bodies were later found at the area of the Dead Children’s Playground.

The stories about unnatural phenomena are many. Swings are moving by themselves and sometimes the ghosts of children are seen playing at the grounds. People have also heard laughter and children calling out, when no one has been in the area.

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Orbs of light have been caught on photos that’s assumed to be the spirits of the dead children. This phenomenons often occur between 10:00 PM to 3:00 AM, which is considered too late for children to be out alone playing by themselves.

In fall 2007, the city of Huntsville tried to destroy the playground to increase the area for more tombes and graves. This was done over the night, the following morning the playground had been torn away and the area destroyed.

But a public outcry made the plans to stop and new equipment were installed. The disturbance had no effect on the hauntings on the playground.

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In 2012, The Alabama Paranormal Association inspected the area of the playground and obtained Electronic Voice Phenomena recordings of children’s voices, as well as, video of the swings in motion. In 2008, the Alabama Paranormal Society inspected the area of Dead Children’s Playground. One of the investigators managed to capture either a female or a female child on photo.

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