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Dead brains can still hear: a surprising discovery

Speak, he hears everything. Unusual properties of the brains of the dead have been revealed.

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When someone close to you passes away, finding words of farewell can be challenging. However, scientists argue that it is worthwhile, as mounting evidence suggests that even when other organs cease function, the brain may continue to record sounds for some time.

An article on the Scientific Reports portal highlights previous reports of near-death experiences by patients who underwent clinical death.

These individuals recalled hearing steps, sounds, and even speech while in an unconscious state after cardiac arrest. Records from resuscitators also documented similar phenomena.

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Addressing a gap in research, Canadian experts conducted an experiment to record internal processes during such moments.

They compared the electrical activity of the brains of healthy individuals with those in a hospice at the end of life. Using electroencephalography, they observed dying patients’ reactions to music.

The results revealed that, even in critical conditions, patients responded to auditory stimuli until their last moments.

Psychologists at the University of British Columbia, leading the study, acknowledge uncertainty about whether dying individuals are aware of their surroundings or understand speech.

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Other studies suggest that the brain can function for approximately 10 minutes after cardiac arrest, with instances of successful resuscitation even after longer periods, although individuals may not react to their surroundings after clinical death.

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