Daughter claims to remember her previous life and death in a car crash

A US mum was shocked when her daughter claimed to have a past life and gave details of how she died. Ashley, who shared the story on TikTok, said her daughter first told her she was reincarnated when she was five years old. She said she had a different family and died in a car accident in 1942.

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Ashley was sceptical and tried to catch her daughter in a lie by asking her the same questions three years later. But her daughter gave the same answers and even corrected her mum when she asked why she didn’t wear a seatbelt. She said there were no seatbelts back then.

Sharing the bizarre story on TikTok, Ashley recalled her daughter, who was five years old then, said to her: “Let’s pretend that you’re my real mum.

“You’re my new mum, my real mum died a long, long, long time ago and then I came back and now you’re my new mum.”

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Unsure what she meant by that, Ashley asked if she remembered that family and tells her some details.

“She said ‘my dad’s name was Samuel, can’t remember my mum’s name but it’s ending like -tina, maybe Christina, Valentina’,” the TikToker said.

“She said she died in 1942 in a car accident.”

Quoting her daughter’s words, Ashley continued: “We were turning left and I was sitting all the way on the passenger side and she had a brother and a sister and they were sitting middle and the driver side.

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“They turned but they didn’t see a vehicle was coming, and the vehicle hit her side and killed her and her mum because her dad was driving.”

At that point, the parent didn’t believe her daughter’s words but she noted it down, hoping to catch her a lie some years later.

Fast forward to last year and Ashley’s daughter turned eight, she asked again if she remembered her past life.

Her daughter told her: “Yeah I remember some stuff, it’s still kind of fuzzy but I remember.”

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Ashley went to her phone to check the notes as her daughter detailed: “I died in 1942 in a car accident.

“We were turning and a car hit my side of the car, and I died and my mum died but my dad, brother and sister lived.”

Then Ashley questioned her: “So why didn’t you have your seatbelts on?”

The young girl looked at her and apparently replied: “There were no seatbelts back then!”

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Ashley was speechless and now fully believes that her daughter was reincarnated.

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