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Cylindrical UFO pictures captured by a spy plane have been made public

The grainy, black-and-white photos appear to show a thin, cylinder object flying over Baghdad.

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The ufo, now known as the “Baghdad Phantom,” was reportedly photographed over the Iraqi city by a US Reaper drone back in May 2022.

The US Air Force purportedly classified it as an unexplained aerial phenomenon (UAP) because of its unusual features, including the absence of wings or any other readily apparent means of propulsion.

After being leaked to journalists Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp, the pictures were made public.

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“What George and I have uncovered is Reaper drone footage over an active war zone,” Corbell told Mail Online. “It shows an anomalous object which has been designated as UAP by our own air force.”

“The object appears to have no flight control surfaces, no traditional reactionary propulsion and is cooler than its surrounding environment.”

“This isn’t your grandma’s rocket that we’re looking at.”

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A video of Corbell and Knapp discussing the images in more detail can be viewed below.

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