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Black magick

Customs seizes witchcraft paraphernalia from passenger at Dubai airport

Black magickCustoms inspectors in Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, intercepted peculiar items from the suitcase of an unnamed African man at Dubai International Airport. Among the seized items were a live snake, a dried monkey hand, and lists of spells.

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According to reports, the entire contents of his suitcase were associated with witchcraft paraphernalia. Customs official told Emirates Today news portal mentioned that due to the vigilance and expertise of a customs inspector, suspicion arose regarding a passenger arriving from an unspecified African country.

Consequently, both the passenger and his luggage underwent manual inspection.

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During the scrutiny, a live snake concealed beneath other objects in a bag was discovered. Further investigation unveiled a monkey’s hand, a deceased bird, eggs swathed in cotton, as well as other items typically utilized in witchcraft rituals—spells, talismans, and annotated papers.

All confiscated materials were transferred to the Competent Authority, specifically the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai, for authentication.

The department confirmed these articles were indeed associated with witchcraft. A department spokesperson emphasized the peril posed by witchcraft, describing it as a threat to societal safety due to its manipulative and exploitative nature.

Dubai Customs is committed to thwarting attempts to smuggle witchcraft materials, as affirmed by Khalid Ahmed, senior manager of the passenger transport department at Terminal 1.

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Ahmed highlighted ongoing training initiatives to educate inspectors on recognizing and addressing such contraband, noting previous instances of similar smuggling attempts.

Various witchcraft items, including scraps of paper, talismans, metal sheets, rosaries, animal skins, books, fish bones, dolls, containers with blood, liquid substances, animal images, threads, briquettes, rings, shellfish, plant leaves, powders, cotton rolls, needles, and dark fabrics, have been confiscated from offending passengers.

The detained individual now faces a fine of approximately $13,000 and possible imprisonment if found guilty of practicing witchcraft.

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