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Crow has been having breakfast in the same bar for 26 years

In the popular bar of the Solymar Hotel in Posada de Llanes, Spain, something amazing happens every morning: a raven named Paco has been a regular and loyal customer of this establishment for 26 years.

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After the bird fell from its nest and was rescued by the bar’s owners, it became an integral part of the place..

Every time the bar opens, Paco flies in for breakfast, never missing a day. The owners of the establishment welcome him with open arms and serve him a special dish with his name on it to give him enough energy to get through the day.

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The waiters call Paco a member of the family and say that he is one of the most demanding customers, always choosing what he likes.

Paco’s story became a social media phenomenon after hotel owners posted a video of the bird politely greeting everyone who entered the bar by saying “hello.” The animal has an amazing ability to talk and amazes with its politeness.

Paco has become a real star, attracting the attention of both regular customers and new visitors. Its story touches and inspires, making this bar a special and unique place where every day begins with a meeting with a faithful feathered friend.

Crows live half of the life span of humans. The life span of crows in the wild is upto 15-20years. Crows under very special care are known to live up to 30 years. Under the records, the longest known lifespan is 40 years.

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