Crouching pale humanoid caught on CCTV camera

A video of a strange, pale humanoid being filmed by a surveillance camera in Kentucky, USA, has recently gone viral on social media.

The video was first posted on Facebook on July 5, 2022 by a man named Douglas Windsor McCloney III. He wrote that it was filmed on a security camera somewhere in the town of Morehead, in the Red River Gorge area, Kentucky.

The quality of the video is very poor, and it looks like the recording posted online was taken by the phone from the computer screen, which makes it even more blurry.

The video shows a whitish figure that looks like a very thin person moving strangely next to a car near some structure. The figurine moves on bent legs and crouching.

“It doesn’t move like a human. It moves almost as if its kneecaps are pointing backwards. It reminds me of Gollum from The Lord of the Rings. And in the last frame you can see the ribs and pretty much the bones of his skeleton,” writes the author video.

Some commentators felt that the figure resembled the famous “pale crawlers” from American urban legends and modern Internet horror stories.

Others have suggested that the footage shows an ordinary robber in some kind of tight suit and, probably, just very thin in physique. And his strange movements were explained by the fact that he was trying to hide and maybe he wanted to steal a car or break into a house.

There were also speculations that the video was of an old man with a disability, a drug addict or a mentally ill person.

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Jake Carter

Jake Carter is a researcher and a prolific writer who has been fascinated by science and the unexplained since childhood.

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  1. While photoshopping is always in question, here’s where I observe from the beginning. It appears that these supposed beings are wearing some type of clothing. It would’ve been more believable and real if I’m right! The 1st pic looks like they’re wearing cut off blue jean shorts and sandles. The 2nd pic looks like a mixture of swimmers goggles and cap and football shoulder pads etc. Then they’re practically posing for the pic. Not a believer on this one sorry.

  2. I saw a “man” ? Open up one of our dumpsters he was on the inside of it. He took his leg over the top side and put it on the ground (street) in one movement. Not knocking over the bin. He then started walking down the road about half way. Turned across the street, started walking back up toward our house. Then he turned and floated through the building (a house) across the street. When I saw him walking I screamed at him “get out of our trash bin and stay out of it.” Very weird. The thing that made me question “him” was the very strange unnatural way his legs got him so seamingly out of the high
    What this person described would certainly explain how he did it if his knee caps were backward!! Very strange indeed.

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