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Creepy goblin creature that has claws and a tail was found in Mexico

In Mexico, in an abandoned warehouse, workers found the fetus of a dead “goblin” with a disfigured face.

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On the territory of the historic city of Santa Maria Regla, construction work was carried out, during which workers made a mysterious discovery. Scientists are already studying the strange object, but they do not know what it is.

According to mayor Francisco Mayoral Flores, the mummified remains may be those of “a goblin or a nagual”. In Mesoamerican folk religion, a nagual is a human being who has the power to shapeshift into their tonal animal counterpart, reports

Nagualism is tied to the belief one can access power and spiritual insight by connecting with the tonal animal within. Naguals use their powers for good or evil according to their personality.

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The remains are now being exhibited at the Museo de los Duendes – translated as Goblin Museum – in the municipality of Huasca de Ocampo.

The small body has four limbs, a mutilated face, a pronounced nose, claws and a tail.

“Everyone can evaluate it for themselves, based on their beliefs and traditions. If it was found in another municipality, it wouldn’t matter. But on the topic of goblins and mysticism, there is a cultural and social need to give it meaning here.

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“Doctors and veterinarians have said that this is an ugly fetus of a cat or dog. However, samples have already been taken to determine the scientific explanation,” the mayor added.

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