Couple who lived together for 65 years died on the same day

The first date Jack and Harriet Morrison took place in 1955, right on Halloween day. Since that day, the residents of Oakville (Missouri) have never parted.

86-year-old Jack, who lived in a happy marriage for 65 years, passed away first, and behind him – 83-year-old Harriet. Relatives shared with reporters that every day a man got up earlier than his wife to cook her breakfast.

Jack could spend hours waiting for his beloved from a dry cleaning service, a hairdresser or shops. Family little saw the couple separately. The family almost did not see them separately.

About a year ago, a woman with dementia stumbled while walking a dog and broke her pelvis. She was forced to move to a nursing home with a rehabilitation center.

Jack and Harriet Morrison

Jack in September last year also fell. After that he needed a wheelchair. The man also moved to a nursing home, where his beloved woman was.

Jack passed away on Saturday at 15:34, and his wife at 23:53. It is sad to realize this, however, on the other hand, the couple are back together, said niece of the Morrison.

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